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The Computational Modeling Initiative was founded to facilitate the use of open source simulation software in commercial settings. It focuses primarily on automated software to solve partial differential equations such as developed by the FEniCS Project.

CMI provides technical education, user consultation, and simulation software development.

L. Ridgway Scott
Founder and CEO

L. RIDGWAY SCOTT is Professor Emeritus at the University of 

Chicago and a founding member of the FEniCS Project.

Scott is a leader in research devoted to fundamental 

properties of the finite element method, the most widely used 

computational technique for engineering design and analysis. 

Professor Scott has published over one hundred-eighty papers, and four books, encompassing biophysics, parallel computing, and thefundamental computational aspects of structural mechanics, fluid dynamics, nuclear engineering, and computational chemistry.

Anders Logg
Scientific Advisor
Garth Wells
Scientific Advisor

Anders Logg is Professor of Computational Mathematics at Chalmers University of Technology.  Logg is co-founder and a core developer of the FEniCS Project.

Garth Wells is the Hibbitt Professor in Solid Mechanics at University of Cambridge. Wells is a core developer of the FEniCS Project.

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