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Tired of paying too much for simulation software that does not solve your problems?

CMI can help!

Rethinking technical simulation

Consulting and Courses

CMI provides services to improve utilization of open source simulation software.  Individual consultation is available to develop applications to customer specifications.  Standard and customized ourses are available to learn more about modeling and the use of FEniCS and related tools.  


 CMI is interested in projects where the physics being modeled is as important  as the numerical methods.  We leverage open source tools like FEniCS to automate code generation and accelerate the time to solution, allowing multiple models and numerical methods to be tested rapidly. 


Introduction to Automated Modeling

with FEniCS

has been recently published by CMI

and is available for purchase at



The Computational Modeling Initiative was founded to facilitate the use of open source simulation software in commercial settings. CMI focuses primarily on automated software to solve partial differential equations as developed by the FEniCS Project.

CMI provides technical education, user consultation, and simulation software development.


Contact Ridgway Scott at


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